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Little League International Changed the League Age Determination Date to August 31


Hello EYLLL Community,


Last year we communicated to you that Little League International changed the date to determine player league age to Dec 31 starting in 2018. After receiving considerable backlash they decided to make the date Aug 31 instead. This change was primarily made to ensure there are no 13 year old players playing in the Little League World Series that occurs each summer and is finished by August 31.  The new age determination date of August 31 will go into effect in 2018. However, Little League International has implemented immediate early adoption for players born on or after September 1, 2005. Players born on or  prior to August 31, 2005 the current league age determination date of April 30 will remain in effect through their 12 year old league age year.

We encourage you to click the link just below and read the announcement provided by Little League International and check your player’s age using the 2016 league age chart also provided in the article.

For your reference, here is the league ages associated with each division in our league for future planning purposes.

Tball – League Ages 4-6

Coach Pitch – League Ages  5-7 (should have played at least one year of Tball)

Single A – League ages 8-9 (league age 7 year olds can evaluate to play in this division)

Double A – League ages 8-10

Triple A – League ages 9-11

Majors – League ages 10-12

Intermediate – League ages 11-13

Juniors – League ages 13-14

Seniors – League ages 14-16

Big League – League ages 17-18

We don’t encourage players to skip a division as there are fundamental skills developed at each level to ensure readiness for the next level.However, your player is welcome to tryout for any division he is league age eligible for. 

We believe most of the questions you may have will be answered in the article but please let me know if you have a question that wasn’t specifically addressed.


Exciting News!!! East Yorba Linda Little League and Yorba Hills Little League Have Merged!

Hello EYLLL and YHLL Communities,

We are pleased to announce the merger of EYLLL and YHLL effective this coming spring season 2016. The boards of both leagues have worked hard over the past year lobbying Little League International to allow the combination of the two leagues and it was formally approved by LL International in Williamsport, PA yesterday  October 28, 2015. The benefits of the merge are numerous but the main benefit to our community is a larger population of players means larger divisions and diversity of competition. Over the past few years some divisions within our respective leagues have had to play the same team multiple times throughout the season to fill the schedule. Larger divisions also enable more players to play in their desired division. In the past few years some players have been pushed down to lower divisions as priority has to be given to the older league age players for  each division (i.e. 12 year old players fill the major roster spots first and then 11 and 10 year players are added in). Additionally, combining leagues eliminates redundant operating costs. This allows for better utilization of scarce financial resources in areas that matter most to the players such as maintaining great field conditions for safety and playability and newer equipment. 

We are opening registration on November 1st. The registration link will be made available on both websites for this registration period. More details on registration will be issued by Sunday.

We are looking forward to an exciting season as a combined league with a new larger family of players and families.

Here are some answers to questions that have been raised during this process. We will continue to post frequently asked questions and answers on our respective websites. We encourage you to share any comments, questions or concerns to Thank you!

Questions and Answers

Q: Why were the leagues merged?

A: EYLLL and YHLL leagues have seen significant reductions in player populations over the past 15 years (52% and 69% respectively). This has primarily been driven by an aging population that exists on the eastern side of the city where our leagues exist. This is most clearly seen in the decline in the school population numbers for the elementary and middle schools that feed into our leagues. Increasing home prices, high desirability/low housing turnover and lack of undeveloped land have been the driving forces behind this situation.  Bottom line is people have moved to this great city raised their children here and are staying put. That is great for the city put has hurt little league numbers on our side of town. The west side of the city has continued to grow with new affordable single and multifamily housing which has allowed West Yorba Linda League to remain relatively stable over the years.

We also know that we have lost many players and families over the past 10 years to other baseball organizations due to the small division sizes and desire for increased competition. We hope a combined larger league will attract these players back.  Please share the exciting news with those that have left.

Yorba Hills little league was split from East Yorba Linda in 1986. We are thrilled that the leagues will be one again.

Q: Where will we play and practice?

A: Having both Brant Ranch and Travis Ranch provides the combined league with greater flexibility for game scheduling and practices on actual diamonds.  The short answer it will vary by division but the older divisions will likely have a majority of the games at Bryant Ranch where lights are available and games can start and end a bit later. The younger divisions may see more games at Travis which doesn’t have lights but will ensure the younger players are home earlier.  We hope the schedule allows for a mix between game locations for all levels. Practice field allocations will be made based on division and with coach/player residences in mind.  We will continue to sort this out of the next couple months and will develop a strategy with the best interest of the players and families in mind.

Q: Who will administer the league?

A: The boards of both leagues have been combined by the merge as well. Exact responsibilities will be determined shortly but there will be no shortage of tasks to be accomplished to support the merge and prepare for the upcoming season.

Q: What will the new league be called?

A: The combined board will be meeting next month to name the combined league and develop a logo.

Q: How does this impact the all-star selection process?

A: All star players will be selected from the combined pool of players in all- star divisions. The league always has the option of submitting multiple teams for each age group except the 12 year old division. We will develop the all-star strategy as the 2016 season progresses. If we believe we can form two teams in each age group that can be equally competitive in the all-star tournament then we will do so.

Q: What local operating rules will be changed as a result of the merger?

A: The two boards worked very closely in spring 2015 to mirror local operating rules for divisions that participated in inter-league play. The boards will meet to decide what additional local rules will be changed. Our rules are first and foremost based on rules established by Little League International. Our local rules cannot conflict but there are specific areas where we are allowed to deviate (i.e. having a mercy rule in effect).

Q: What impact will this have on West Yorba Linda Little League and league boundaries?

A: Our combined league is projected to be slightly larger for this coming year than West Yorba Linda (539 vs 427). However, there are many large affordable multi-family projects on the western side that will open prior to the start of the 2016 season that may significantly increase the population of WYLLL. We have had very open dialogue with WYLLL throughout this merger process and we are confident that if there is any boundary shift between the leagues it will be slight.  However, any player that has played in either EYLLL or YH will be allowed to continue playing in the combined league through their little league career. Only new players will be affected by a boundary shift if one occurs.

Again we will share additional information as it becomes available but we hope you will share in the excitement of a combined league. We look forward to all the excitement this will bring for our upcoming Spring 2016 season!!!


Best Regards,

Combined Boards of EYLLL and YHLL

Finally! Construction has begun on new fields for East Hills Little League

Countdown To Opening Day!


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